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Texser calendar for 2019

Texser calendar for 2019

Premiére Vision New York - 15/16 January

Munich Fabric Start - 29/31 January

Premiere Vision Paris - 12/14 February

Modtissmo - 27/28 Frebruary

JITAC - 26/28 March


Portuguese Textile embraces the world in 57 fairs

Portuguese Textile embraces the world in 57 fairs

The program of participation in international fairs of the From Portugal project of the Selective Fashion Association is broad and ambitious. In the first half of 2019 it is proposed to bring Portuguese companies and brands up to 57 fairs in 18 different countries on all continents.

Show that we are as good as the best, not only in Europe but in the global context, is the focus of the programming of the presence in the most important international fairs and thereby highlight the potential of our ITV in quality, innovation, design and responsiveness.

And because it is not enough to make but it is also fundamental to make known what it is known to do, Selectiva Moda has programmed the collective presence of Portuguese companies in the fairs and in the most important international markets. Not only to boost business and export capacity, but also to take account of the innovative aspect and the renewed image of our ITV.

Increasing the external visibility of the Portuguese textile and clothing industry, revealing an industry that has been repositioned at a higher level of the value chain and which has been successful in its restructuring, is another objective with this intense participation but larger international fairs.

The participation of Portuguese companies in the various international fairs is an initiative promoted by Selectiva Moda and the ATP - Textile and Clothing Association of Portugal, which aims to promote the internationalization of Portuguese fashion companies. The project From Portugal is co-financed by Portugal 2020, under Compete 2020 - Operational Program for Competitiveness and Internationalization and through the European Regional Development Fund.


Texser and the fantastic market of the United States

Texser and the fantastic market of the United States

In 2018, the US market was the fastest growing producer of jersey fabrics after an investment in US fairs, including Première Vision New York. And the flannels were Texser's best calling card by Uncle Sam lands.

2018 was the US year for Texser. According to José António Ferreira, manager of external markets for the Serzedelo company, the US market was the fastest growing this year at Texser, "precisely because we started investing in the US fairs, namely Première Vision in New York" , explains to Portugal Têxtil. "The American market was fantastic, fundamentally for our flannels, but not only," reveals the Texser manager, who has already had 86 years of activity. "We were very receptive to our products. Like all markets, the US needed some time to get fond of each other and get to know each other. We were fortunate enough to find two or three customers who wanted our product, liked it immensely and made good parcels, "he says.

Portuguese flannels have "a lot of fame", says José António Ferreira. "In the old days, the flannel was considered a poor cloth, because it was used by workers, fishermen, etc ... At the moment, our Portuguese flannel has a lot of fame in the USA. Over time we have been perfecting it, in order to enhance the piece, "he says.

In addition to New York, Texser is present at international fairs in London, Munich, Paris, Tokyo and Porto (see Texser: Health to Give and Sell). Currently, the Spanish and North American markets are the main direct export engines of the specialist in 100% cotton knitwear fabrics, whose share is around 60%. "Then, fragmented, Germany, France, England and Austria appear, but on a smaller scale. Spain is a very interesting market, because it is close, and in addition to the Inditex to which everybody works, we have other clients with a lot of potential », says the manager.

In Europe, José António Ferreira points out, there are two countries with great force: "the first is Italy and then Portugal as a credible manufacturer. Although we did not have the name of Italy, we managed to respond effectively to the requests, "he says.

With a productive capacity of 150 thousand meters per month, the company with around 70 workers is "renovating the machinery park, mainly with faster and more technologically advanced looms and higher yield", says José António Ferreira. In recent months, five looms have been purchased. Texser also invested in a new warehouse.



New Collection Spring/Summer arriving

New Collection Spring/Summer arriving



The imposing Porto Customs building was filled with fashion, glamor and about 35,000 people who did not want to miss the 43rd edition of Portugal Fashion. "It was a very dynamic and motivating edition that allowed a special connection between the event and the city itself," says Mónica Neto, a spokeswoman for Portugal Fashion.

And it will be the new generations, the children, that will be the future of the 44th edition: the organization - run by ANJE (National Association of Young Entrepreneurs) and ATP (Textile and Clothing Association of Portugal) / Selective Fashion - revealed that in the next edition of Portugal Fashion, in March 2019, will be marked by children's fashion. 'Kids are coming, wait for us next season', could read in a banner that dominated the staircase of the building.

It is not yet certain if the children's collections will be presented in a parade format or using another solution, but the idea is already part of the next alignment: "are the companies that ask us to open" more this front of interest, refers Mónica Neto.

In this edition, Portugal Fashion counted on 500 professionals in the organization of the event that received 48 parades, including the novelty of the one that took place in the ships of the Cães de Pedra.

This year's edition was also marked by the 30 year career of Júlio Torcato and the return after a five-year break by the designer Maria Gambina, unable to resist the appeal of creativity, this time in partnership with Tintex, Lemar and to Valérius.